Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Close up of Crystal Ballz

At the request of several people who viewed the card on my previous post, I am posting a close up picture of my card and another picture of the material I used. I purchased Crystal Ballz from Class Act in Oshawa, Ontario. Class Act does ship in Canada, the United States and International destinations. Crystal Ballz beads are very tiny - they are about the size of very fine sand.

The picture above shows the material as it comes packaged in a small 3" x 3" plastic bag. You can see the tiny granules clinging to the side of the plastic bag. I have also shown the double-sided adhesive that I used, although I suspect that "Be Creative" tape would probably work too.

Feel free to ask questions.

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  1. Lovely to see the close-up Carol. What an amazing effect!


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